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Our Team Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level


Invite us to speak or facilitate your upcoming event! With 15+ years’ experience, the sessions are engaging, entertaining and sensitive to the real concerns of small business.  Each associate provides a wealth of information on how to create an image that speaks to who you want your brand to represent. Contact us today. 


With over 15 years as an entrepreneur and working with corporations, Shawna brings with her a wealth of training and development experience, especially to professionals and organizations leadership and entrepreneurship. She possesses a realistic view of the evolving corporate world and empathy for professional challenges. She identifies your strengths and helps you implement desired changes to present your most effective image. Her custom-tailored presentations and training programs reveal practical and useful knowledge, enabling you to implement simple changes that enhance your image, reflecting your vision, goals and lifestyle. To discuss how Shawna can make your organization’s event, conference, or professional leadership programs more interactive, engaging and valuable, contact her via the contact page.


Learn how you, your staff members, associates, managers, and executives can benefit from our training on rand styling, personal branding, business etiquette, and professional conduct. 

Typical clients results we’ve provided for our corporate clients: 

  • Create a highly motivated sales team to help you hit you produce results.

  • Fire up the confidence of staff so they can deliver effective sales presentations.

  • Transform your employees into powerful and persuasive brand ambassadors so they can win the trust of new clients.

  • Improve workplace relationships resulting in higher retention rates.

  • Improve the client experience with better customer service and employees/ leaders who can effectively communicate to inspire, influence and lead.

  • Elevate your companies brand image by developing your staff into becoming professionals on how they look, speak and behave.

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