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Black Businesses in Pittsburgh that focus on health

In this article, we will explore some of the best small businesses in Pittsburgh that focus on health. These are black owned and are all about helping people be healthy and feel good.

These local businesses are of the best small black-owned businesses in Pittsburgh because they focus on being healthy and helping others be healthy as well.

My Faves

  • So Damn Good Spices

  • The SMG Lady

  • By Tyler B

The SMG Lady

A spoonful a day keepsy hot flashes away! Sea Moss is known to have many health benefits. For me, it's the major decrease in hot flashes and my skin glow. Try some yourself

By Tyler B

For years, I struggled with menstrual issues. Unfortunately, I passed the pain down to my daughter. Glad we came across By Tyler B to help manage the pain. Learn more about what they offer by visiting her website

So Damn Good Spices

Jumpstart your health for the new year with our ginger and turmeric tea! This tea is perfect for detoxifying, boosting immunity, and weight loss. So Damn Spices provides healthy options for your food and drinks.

Healthy living starts with you. Start your health journey today! Support these black health small businesses and make their products apart of your everyday regimen.

Do you know of any we should check out? Let's us know!

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