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We see you Sis!!

Your business is your baby..

We understand the sense of responsibility and love you have for your

business. We care about strengthening your business and helping you

unlock your full potential. Sign up for our VIP Day and get clarity and

resources to ignite your fire! 

A VIP day will change

your life

Let Shawna and her team help you

identify your strengths, weaknesses,

opportunities and threats with a 6-8

hour VIP day. You'll leave with a c

lear vision for the future of your business

and a list of actionable tasks to get you there.



How Can We Assist? 

Get clarity and resources

Every day, we help small businesses like yours get clarity with everything they need to know about their industry, the competition, and their customers. Every business needs a little guidance now and then - sign up for our VIP Day, 6-8 hour 

Strategic planning

We do what we do best by guiding you through a process that can help you find new opportunities, prioritize tasks, and uncover new revenue streams. Our team of experts will work closely with you to make sure that your business is successful in the long-run. 

Increase productivity

Most small businesses juggle multiple projects at once, often leading to a decrease in productivity. With strategic planning from our team, more time will be spent on tasks that have the most impact on your company's success - not just on anything that pops into mind.

Let's Get You Scheduled! 

Book today to save $500

Book today to save $500



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